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  1. leflerj

    leflerj Jun 9, 2017

    Hi all,

    I have acquired 2 Tag Heuer 980.013, one being a b model and the other an n model; the only difference I can see externally is that the n dial has the "1000" text on the bottom half while on the B it is missing. The case on the N model is much nicer so I'm going to keep that one and part with the other, but I like the "clean" look of the b dial without the 1000 text. Was there a particular year or production that omitted the 1000 text? I've seen other b models that still had the 1000 text, so I'm not sure as what was the reasoning behind that. I'm thinking about swapping the dials so I can have the dial I prefer, but would that totally ruin the authenticity of the watch?