1. foncho72

    foncho72 Mar 14, 2019

    I've been considering buying a connected 41mm. However, when trying to research how long the battery last (life of battery) I got this answer from Tag Heuer

    "TAG Heuer will offer about 2.5 years worth of software updates to Connected from there initial release date. Now the Connected watches are unable to be opened, so TAG Heuer offers no internal servicing for this timepieces. So were unable to change batteries, crystals, power buttons or cases. So if warranty is active then your Connected watch will be reviewed for warranty replacement."

    This means that if by any chance the watch goes bad outside the 2.5years of warranty, then you are out of luck. Not really interested in spending $2300 for something with no guarantees. Do you know if TagH gives you a discount on the automatic watch if you buy the connected? what is your opinion about Tag's answer?

    So I had a follow up the next day from TH stating that the life lf the battery is 500 charging cycles which is almost the warranty period. I have not done the research about charging cycles but that does not seem like a good deal to me. I would like to hear your opinion
  2. pfrasun

    pfrasun Mar 14, 2019

    Cycle does not equal recharge. So assuming you don't discharge you watch fully every day you shall have more then 2 years before observing any battery degradation.

    I think the 500 cycles stated by Tag mean some acceptable (normally 20%) capacity lost. So watch is still usable and makes a full day, but maybe instead of 40% of capacity you will have 30% or 25% on end of the day.

    I can talk only about my case, but I have TGC45 2 years now and see no battery issues which would impact my normal daily use. SW did improve a lot over the years, so most probably it compensates for me big part of the battery capacity loss.
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