Can't believe how affordable a TAG factory service is

  1. dsio

    dsio Ash @ ΩF Staff Member Jan 5, 2017

    So I've had my nephews Aquaracer WAB2011 for a year since he stripped the crown/tube thread by playing with it and banged it up a bit (it had salt water in it too from swimming with the crown out and loose).

    I'd tried for ages to find a crown and tube but the best I could do was like $400 AUD on the grey market, I finally gave it to the Brisbane TAG Heiner boutique and the quote was 575 AUD for everything including full service, new dial, new handset, new crown and tube and new mid case.

    I literally couldn't have gotten my cheap independent to do it for that, so I'm pretty shocked, the last time I got a quote on a TAG was through an AD and it was over $1200 for an F1 needing a fraction of that work done, and I paid $100 just for the quote at the AD, TAG did the quote on this job free of charge.

    In an era where Swiss brands are increasingly squeezing customers I have to say it's great to see TH actually doing the right thing by customers.
  2. Mr_Orange

    Mr_Orange Jan 9, 2017

    That's good to hear. The staff in the Brisbane boutique are a good bunch although it's not the boutique staff who prepare the quotations, of course.