Buying from TAG Heuer website to the USA

  1. calibre11user

    calibre11user Oct 24, 2020

    I live in the USA. If I buy a watch from the TAG Heuer website, will there be any import fees? Usually a few weeks later I get a surprise bill from the delivery company (e.g. Fed Ex).

    I more specifically live in California. How would I know if I have to pay state tax on my TAG Heuer website purchase or not?

    Are there any advantages from buying from the TAG Heuer website versus a local authorized dealer (with a 10% or so discount usually)? Does buying directly from TAG Heuer give me a longer warranty or anything?
  2. Mspeedster

    Mspeedster Oct 24, 2020

    If you live in the US, you should buy off of the US TAG Heuer website. I've done it before. No import fees, can't recall if I paid state tax (I think maybe not), but if so, it will show when you place the order. Shipping is free, my watch came the next day.

    Warranty is the same whether you buy direct from the website or from an AD. The advantage of buying from an AD is you should be able to get a discount. But if it's a Limited Edition watch, then sometimes not.
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  3. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Oct 24, 2020

    My assumption is that there would be no cost difference buying a watch from a physical store or from the website- the site should have the smarts to work out what local tax needs to be applied (but that would be state taxes- no import fees)
  4. Hubert

    Hubert Oct 25, 2020

    TAG Heuer has online stores in select countries. Depending on where you live, final cost would be shown on your cart.

    Since you live in California, there will be taxes in your order.
  5. THJunkie

    THJunkie Oct 26, 2020

    Other than securing hard to get pieces or avoiding the need to leave the house I’ve not really thought of any benefit of buying direct vs a local AD. If anything at least in the once case I bought from TH website UK - I would rate the experience as poor. I’m unlikely to ever do it again unless they close down the ADs and THBs.

    no chance of a discount
    Poor transactional experience (registered ID failed to had to call their helpline to confirm the order)

    only benefit I can think of is the returns policy!

    i’d (personally) rather some of the margin go to support a local business which I can build a relationship than TH pocket the whole lot :p
  6. kappa_md

    kappa_md Oct 27, 2020

    Hard to find TH watches (Limited Editions, Special Editions, specific market) I’d be willing to get thru TH website or TH boutique, after I’ve exhausted all my other options ;)
  7. Mspeedster

    Mspeedster Oct 27, 2020

    Another point against buying from the website is you have no chance of extra goodies. A TH Boutique won't usually give a discount either (at least not in the US), but they'll throw in some TH goodies (sometimes worth a couple a hundred bucks, e.g. leather jacket etc.). ADs might give you something extra too (e.g. hat) on top of a discount.

    As Kappa mentioned, the website makes the most sense when it's a hard to get LE.
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