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Bezel replacement for 3rd gen professional 200m

  1. jbshowsay

    jbshowsay Oct 27, 2016

    I lost my bezel and I've called a few places and it's looking like it's going to run me in the $500 range, which isnt happening. I was hoping someone on here would know if I could put a different Tag bezel on my this particular watch. It's a professional 200m from around 1999, WN1111 is model#. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks, John
  2. akong71

    akong71 Oct 29, 2016

    That would be a TAG Heuer 2000 Exclusive Quartz. I'm not sure about putting on a different bezel, as different TH 2000 series may have slightly different case sizes. Last year I had TAG Heuer Customer Service replace the bezel on my TH WE1110 and they replaced it with a 12-angled version found on the WK series. It looks great though and it cost me $275 Cdn I recall.