1. Roger F

    Roger F Jul 10, 2020

    Does anyone know if there is an index of crowns used on 1960s and 70s Autavia models
    I have a a few watches and the more I look at similar models the more complicated it seems to get.

    For example I have researched crowns fitted to 3646 Second case third execution and the dimensions on watches quoted range from
    6.4mm wide 2.5mm deep
    6.5mm wide 3.4mm deep
    5mm wide 4mm deep

    I understand that back in the day Heure were using a range of parts so do we just accept these anomalies as something that adds to the Heuer individuality or have a resource that can confirm that often used phrase “all original” is indeed true.

    I suppose the bigger question is. If you love the way your Autavia looks, does it really matter?

    Any thoughts or guidance gratefully received