1. Gav1967

    Gav1967 Apr 9, 2019

    Good evening all.
    First time on this forum but a regular on OF.

    I have a Tag Heuer Aquagraph CN211A which was the first “luxury” watch I bought in 2003 and was probably responsible for my slow decline into watch collection and financial ruin. It holds sentimental value and is still part of my rotation.

    It has been a daily beater/work horse for me since its purchase and has only been serviced once some time around 2008/09. It is still keeping good time but probably overdue for a service and more importantly it will need some TLC in terms of parts. Specifically the rubber covers for the Chrono-pushers have worn out completely and the crown no longer locks back in position.

    I have heard anecdotally that Tag parts are really difficult for independent watch repairers to get hold of and therefore I will have to bite the bullet and send to Tag service direct to get the work done and in the process be screwed by them from a cost point of view.

    Can anyone advise if this is actually the case or whether it is possible to send the watch to an independent repairer in the UK who will be able to get parts undertake the work more reasonably?

    appreciate any help and advice

    Photos of watch in existing condition and google image showing rubber pusher covers below

    Existing with rubber pusher covers removed

    Crown won't screw down in place

    Google image with rubber covers in