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Anybody know where I can find a Heuer Kentucky crown?

  1. Meletzke

    Meletzke Apr 4, 2017

    After looking online for a Heuer Kentucky for a while, I finally came across one I could afford. The watch looks clean, but it has one problem; the Heuer logo on the crown has been broken, with only part of it left. Does anyone know where (besides Ebay), where I could find the crown? I know that Tag Heuer has been running out of vintage parts, but do you think that I could get the crown replaced by an authorized dealer? Here are two pictures of the watch, one of the crown and another of the face. Also, can anyone shed some light on whether the watch is original; from light inspection, it looks good to the naked eye.
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Apr 10, 2017

    Hi- yes, the watch does look original.

    I reckon it would be worth asking TAG Heuer. Yes, they're running low on parts, but the demand is mainly for Autavia/ Carrera/ might be lucky with the Kentucky.

    The other part to watch out for is the bracelet- see this post