1. xxredmaxx

    xxredmaxx Apr 14, 2017

    Hello fellow TAG owners/enthusiasts

    This is my first post.

    I have come accross the forum during a search to resolve a problem with my 4000 - WF1112-0

    This was the first major purchase I made after getting a change of career in 1994 so it has a very special place in my heart.
    I have not worn it for at least 4-5 years because the crown will not screw in thus it is not waterproof.
    It now needs a battery change which I will probably try myself.
    It has sat in the drawer much to the frustration of my envious 20 year old son who is eyeing it up especially as the watch is older than him !!

    I did take it to a dealer for a quote a few years ago to have the crown replaced but the cost was as much as I paid for the watch in 1994 so it just doesn't seem economical.

    I do consider myself pretty decent with my hands so would like to try and see if I can resurrect the piece as a day to day watch.

    Questions: can you tell me the part number for the crown?
    can you direct me to where I might buy the part as cheap as possible?
    Any links to how I might be able to undertake the change of crown myself?

    I saw a youtube video of a change of crown on a TAG and it looked very simple by just pressing down on a button whilst simultaneously removing crown.

    At the moment the watch is basically an expensive ornament so I don't have much to lose by trying to get the ol' girl working again.

    I would be grateful for any pointers, help, assistance.
    If there was someone on this forum who was prepared to carry out the work for a reasonable cost (compared to official TAG price) then I am open to offers too although I'd like to try myself.

    Thanks for looking and would appreciate any assistance.
    Lets get this watch back to the real world doing what it should be doing !
    Have a great day