1. pghandlon

    pghandlon Mar 13, 2018

    I recently had a bracelet from my SE/L fall apart after 20 years of almost constant wear. I have had two jewelers tell me they cannot fix the bracelet, rather it will need to be replaced.
    1. I want to know if I really need to get the bracelet replaced as opposed to repaired (it is very loose and stretched out and the pins are bent in many link joints).
    2. If I do need a new bracelet, where can I go to get a new bracelet that I can trust? I recently bought one off Ebay and was NOT happy with my purchase as when I received the purchase, only the case end was anywhere close to the required 18mm (even that is questionable) and the rest of the band is closer to 15mm.
    3. Is it eve possible for an authentic Tag bracelet for an SE/L Link to have a larger link at the case end, then smaller links throughout the rest of the bracelet or is the bracelet I purchased as authentic, obviously a counterfeit?

    Thank you all for your time and love for the brand and I appreciate what you are all doing here.
    Gray H.
  2. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph Mar 14, 2018


    This photo seems to suggest the end link is larger...

    If you do need a new bracelet, you could actually try TAG themselves. Someone there told me they have quite a selection of NOS bracelets.
  3. Mspeedster

    Mspeedster Mar 16, 2018

    The thing with ebay is trying to make sure the bracelet is an authentic OEM Tag Heuer. Or if you have the part number, there are place on-line that sell OEM replacements.